The SHISHA History

1993 - The Roots 

It was the decade of Nirvana, Sublime and Millencollin, when surfing and skateboarding evolved in Europe and we first got eaten by north sea breakwater waves on an custom shaped surfboard. These days were the roots for our journey.  

1996 - The Daydream

During a surf trip along the southern french atlantic coast, an inspiring daydream under sweet smelling pines brought us this exhilarating brain wave: The dream of our own surf brand.

2002 - The Start

Throughout an overwinter stay on the tiny maldivian island Kuredu, Till and me decided to make this dream come true. With the little money we earned over winter as surfinstructors, we founded the company. It was Till who brought an Egyptian waterpipe from a surf trip from Africa, which accompanied us everywhere. Soon we were known as the SHISHA Dudes and we decided to name our brand SHISHA Clothing.

2004 - The Secret Sauce

It was an old tea-chest in our shared flat back than, from where we started the company, we printed our first hoodies on our kitchentable and sold them to local surf shops. Suprinsingly they called us after a short while to order more. We decided to create the perfect surf hoodie, for which we seeked a small quality manufacturer in Portugal. At this time we were not ready for the storm, so we asked our coding genius flatmate Kai to help us and join the company. He built the structure behind the brand.

2006 - The First Years

The early years of SHISHA Clothing steered our VW-Van all over the north of Europe, from surf shops to parties, from beaches to trade shows. The reputation of our SHISHA hoodies quickly grew, and so did the demand. Soon SHISHA was available in the most important stores and we had to move from our shared flat to a backyard space, from where we kicked off our online business.

2008 - The Search

At this time we had no clue about the power of the internet, but soon SHISHA hoodies were shipped all over Europe. It didn’t took too long and even US-and Aussie dudes & dudettes appeared in our customer list. The wild years of SHISHA began!

2010 - The Dudism

As a true beach born brand we spread SHISHA Dudism to the world. We rebuilt our VW-Van to a beach-party-van and celebrated the most amazing guerrilla beach parties. More and more shops started to ask for SHISHA, so it was time to expand the distribution network, soon SHISHA was available in more than 100 stores. Finally we were really living the dream.

2012 - The Growth

We spent a couple of very good years in our backyard office, but this space became too narrow for our growing SHISHA mission. We dreamt of an own headquarters, where we would have enough space to evolve our vision. After a long search we found an old city mansion, which was the perfect place to unify our design space, photo studio and sales department in one place. From here we travelled the world and always came back to our beautiful homeplace.

2014 - The Villa

As globetrotting folks, we experienced a lot of amazing kitchens and clubs on our trips around the world. With lots of impressions, different tastes in our heads, we started a new adventure and created our own restaurant & club in the downer floors of the same building. Our favorite place to have the best streetfood in town and a good glass of wine after a stoking surf-session. We just called it DIE VILLA.

Hej Dude, Hej Dudette!

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